On august, Friday the 8th Extreme Dance Connection had an open class and the one and only Jordan Clark was our guest teacher. Jordan was a winner of So You Think You can Dance and some of you know her as Giselle from The Next Step.  Excitement was in the air! Before the class started I got to talk to Jordan Clark. I also got to ask her some questions.

I found out that she was 5 years old when she started to dance but at 8 she knew that she wanted to entertain. I asked her how it felt when she won So You Think You Can Dance and she said it felt like a dream, it was very magical. She spent three months dancing every day during the process of the competition. I learned that she doesn’t have one favorite style of dance but enjoys Acro, Contemporary and Hip Hop.  She often will mix all three disciplines.
She is actually friends with everybody on The Next Step and says that they are like her brothers and sisters. We had so much with Jordan Clark. She is very nice, funny and I learned that she loves to have fun.  It was an amazing experience. Thank you Jordan for giving us an amazing class. The dancers at Extreme Dance Connection look forward to seeing you again.  It was a blast!!!

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