Background: When Daniel was 6 years old, he came to his mother and said “Mom, I want to do ballet.” She was a little surprised and thinking that he might be confusing ballet with something else, asked if he knew what ballet was. They took books and videos out of the public library and sure enough, it was ballet that he wanted to do. He danced with the City of Brampton Dance Department and every Mother’s Day, Jennifer's gift was that he was on stage dancing for her. He had passion and a true love for ballet; even when given a choice to do something else he always chose ballet. Daniel was starting his fourth year as a dancer when a tragic car crash ended his life at the tender age of 9.

We know that many young boys would like nothing more than the chance to explore their passion and talent for dance the way that Daniel did. In his honour, Many Hands, Doing Good in partnership with Gabie's Boutique would like to provide that opportunity for other young boys through the Dance Like Daniel Scholarship. Even though the family lives in Brampton, they made regular trips to Gabie’s for dance clothes and to be surrounded by other families involved in the dance community. Given the high costs associated with pursuing the dream of being a dancer, we are excited to recognize outstanding young males who would like to Dance Like Daniel.

If you know a young male under the age of 9 who meets the criteria listed here, please complete the form below. Scholarship recipients must demonstrate:

  • Strong interest in the art of dance
  • Drive for the pursuit of joy through dance, even at a young age
  • Promise for inspiring other children/youth to join the dance community
  • Financial need

Applications must be sumbitted by Monday September 30th, 2019

The scholarship will be allotted as follows: $250 will be issued as a Gabie’s Gift Certificate good for purchases made only for the recipient for one year. The remaining $250 may be used for class fees or competition entry fees. The scholarship recipient may choose how/where to allocate this amount and a cheque from Gabie’s Boutique will be written to the venue on the recipient’s behalf. The scholarship recipient may also choose to use the full $500 in-store at Gabie’s Boutique within one year of winning the scholarship. No monies will be paid out in cash.

Gabie’s Boutique Inc. and Many Hands Doing Good (MHDG) hold the right to make changes or cancel the program at any time without notice. All submitted applications, letters and pictures become the property of Gabie’s Boutique Inc. as well as Many Hands Doing Good. These may be used in promotional/marketing materials of various media format (e.g., in-store, online).

All applications will be judged fairly and without prejudice.

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Dance Studio
Please note that this scholarship is for male ballet dancers 9 and under. Is this you? Yes
What type of dancer are you? Recreational
Describe the dance dream you hope to achieve one day
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