Hello my name is Hayley Ledouceur and I have been dancing since I was an itty bitty child. I have been dancing at Dance Express Art Academy Inc. for 5 years and I have also been in competitions for 4 years. I do not do exams at my dance studio. My favourite dance was one we just perfromed last weekend. We performed as Zombie Dolls to the song Chandelier by Sia. I do all styles of dance; ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, acro, lyrical, contemporary and musical theatre. My favourite style is Hip Hop and Jazz. I've been dancing even before I could walk and dancing is a big part of my life, it allows me to be free to express what I can't do with words. Even if I'm sad, happy, or excited, I dance. I dance between 4 to 5 hours a week. I also love to act and am pretty good at poetry. My secret talent is that I have a passion for taking care of animals. I have been trying to research as much information online about the care of cats and rabbits because I have three cats and one rabbit of my own. Sometimes I have a hard time juggling dance, school and my social life because my friends want to hang out but I have dance or school work. It is also hard to find the time to participate in extra activities at my school but in the grand scheme of things it all works out.

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