Ballet Exams are over and competition season is about to begin!  Go BSD Go! 

I am very happy with my ballet results.  I worked really hard the last two weeks before exams on a couple of areas where I needed more focus and, for the first time ever, I received a Distinction. The Distinction was for my Ballet Certificate 6 Vaganova exam.  Thanks to Ms. Jane and Ms. Alex for helping me achieve this result.  I also received my results for my NBS Ballet Evaluation and, for the first time ever, I received an Exemplary on my report.  I owe my teachers, Ms. Randall and Ms. Hanson at NBS so much for all their patience, the great work they do on technique, and the positive energy they give the classes.  It is really helping me become a better dancer.  I am more aware of placing myself correctly, really using extension, the importance of arm movement and really working with the music. 

I am starting to understand more about how important it is to really take the teacher’s corrections and implement them, really listen to their vision on what they want from you, and how important it is to practise.  The more you practise, the better the result.  I think this is, pretty much, what I have learned this year.  I also have been thinking a lot about all the styles of dance that I do.  I definitely love ballet the most, it is my happy place. I love the discipline of ballet, the perfection of every movement, the beauty in the lines.  I have really enjoyed Hip Hop, Jazz and Contemporary and, of course, Tap, but, I think my second favorite this year has to be…..Tap, it is just a fun way to express yourself, it is light and I love playing with the tones and getting into the rhythm!!

Our first competition of the season is Bedazzled in Blue Mountain the second weekend in April.  We are working hard to clean up our dances and I think we are doing great, but we still have work to do.  I guess we will be cleaning right up until April!  We just received our schedules for our first two competitions.  I am pretty happy with my schedules, no really early morning times and I should be home by around 10:00 p.m. on my latest evenings.  I think I lucked out!  Some of my teammates have early morning start times, so they will have to leave the house around 6:00 a.m. and later finish times in the evening so they won’t be getting home until midnight!  We are staying over in Niagara Falls for our last competition, so I don’t have to worry so much about start and finish times for my last competition.

At my studio, we had a dress rehearsal last weekend.  Not all the costumes were in yet.  Why is it that when you place the order in October, the costumes are still not ready by the middle of March?  I only have two of my costumes and I am in 6 dances.  Yikes!  I hope they all come in soon and I hope they don’t need a lot of alterations.  Last year my Mom was up until midnight a couple of nights the week before my first competition sewing.  She keeps reminding me about it!  Oh no, I can imagine it now.  Me standing there at 10 o’clock in the evening doing quick changes and getting poked with the sewing needle and then trying on my shoes to make sure the pants are the right length and then that the jackets aren’t going to fall off when I turn and that the sleeves aren’t hanging around my knuckles.  I don’t know if girls have as much problem, but guys who dance are usually pretty small around the waist.  I wish they thought about this when they made the costumes and made the waists a little smaller.  Even when my Mom takes them in, I still want to yank up the waist when I am dancing…Ugh!

Packing costumes, for boys it is really important to make sure you have extra…socks!!!!  This year I am going to pack my bags the day before, one bag for each dance with shoes, socks, and costume.  There is nothing worse than getting to the competition and you only have one color of socks…Oops. 

I am lucky. I don’t have hair issues like the girls do.  Be happy if you are a guy because we don’t have to spend much time on hair.  The girls have to do their hair in so many styles.  We only have to show up, brush, maybe a little gel.  This year, I need to do a faux hawk which shouldn’t take me very long.  I will need to get a haircut, because when I had it done at dress rehearsal, my hair was too long on top and the hawk kind of drooped over. LOL

Make up, well, I’m a guy and I am not crazy about putting anything on my face.  Last year, I didn’t want to wear any make up, but, fortunately, doing the Nutcracker with the National Ballet of Canada and seeing all the other guys applying make-up kind of got me use to the idea.  I realize, on the stage, you need to have a little color or you get drowned out by the lights.  So, this year, I will put a little red on my cheeks and a little color on my lips.  I still don’t like it, but I will do it for the greater good!!!!  Trust me, it comes off real fast after a performance, but I am o.k. with wearing it on stage.  For one of my dances, I portray a wolf and for this dance I will wear full make-up on my face.  I am o.k. with it, because it reminds me of Halloween when you go out dressed up and you paint your face.  It will definitely get me into character.

Good luck to everyone out there doing competitions this year.  Please say “Hi”, if you see me. Bye for now!
Matt Sabourin

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Posted 7 April 2014, 11:40AM

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