November was a crazy, busy month for me and I think it is going to be just as busy until the New Year!

Let me start with NUTCRACKER!  It is almost here and I am so excited.  We have been rehearsing  3 to 4 times a week during November.  I am playing two roles, a guard and a chef.  I have had my costume fitting which is always so much fun.  We get to go down to the Walter Carsen Centre in Toronto where the wardrobe assistants help us find the perfect fit for each of the costumes and shoes.  Sometimes it takes a while to find the right fit, either it is too long or short and the shoes just don’t fit right.  This year I was lucky, the first costume and the first shoes I tried on all fit me perfectly.  The assistant was amazing, she just looked at me and knew my sizes.  I even tried on the hats that I will be wearing for the shows. All the boys in the Nutcracker  cast are great and I have met some new friends this year.  Some of the older boys in the Professional Program at  NBS have been really encouraging.  They don’t mind giving some of their time to the younger kids and they give me some really good advice.  I wish everyone could have the opportunity to be a part of such a special show.  Next week is my last week of rehearsals.  I will be doing one rehearsal at the Walter Carsen Centre and two at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts in downtown Toronto where the Ballet will be held.  At the Four Seasons we will be doing full dress rehearsals.  I can’t wait to perform!

Each year we rehearse with the Director, Ms. Toto, and Mr. Kastoff.  Sometimes Mr. Kastoff manages our rehearsals while Ms. Toto does rehearsals with the Mishas and Maries.  There are so many different casts to rehearse for this show.  There is the family scene, the Mishas and Maries who have a very big role, the courtiers, and the Chefs and Guards.  There are also rehearsals on Sundays for the baby mice and the little lambs and the Battle Scene.  No matter how many rehearsals we have, Ms. Toto and Mr. Kastoff have so many more and they are working seven days a week right up until Christmas.  There really isn’t much time to do anything else.  I have missed a lot of my classes at BSD.  Miss Alex is great about it.  Miss Alex understands that I love doing the Nutcracker and she supports me.  I have a lot of catching up to do on my choreography so I will have to work extra hard in January to get caught up to everyone else.  I don’t like being behind in my choreography, but sometimes you have to make choices.  It’s hard to do when you are 10 years old.  Do any of you have to disappoint some people to make others happy?  I wish I could do everything, but I can’t, I can’t be everywhere at the same time. 
I did a make-up class for my competitive contemporary dance this past Sunday to try and get up to speed with the choreography that I have missed in November.  It was great working by myself with the teacher.  I definitely find that I learn faster when it is a one-on-one class.

After class, I asked my Mom when I could go Christmas Shopping for my family.  I always like to go out by myself and pick gifts for special people.  Well, after she thought about it, my Mom said that this was the last Sunday and really the last free day I have until Christmas.  So we headed out Christmas Shopping.  The stores were crazy busy, but I got everything I wanted.  I came home and I wrapped up everything and it is all under the Christmas tree.  I hope everyone likes their presents.

Are any of you doing Christmas Shows with your Dance School?  BDS puts on shows at our local Senior Citizens Homes.  This year we will be doing two shows.  I won’t be participating this year, as I am too busy with other events, but I wish everyone the best of luck!  I hope everyone has a great time entertaining the residents.  I have always loved performing in these shows.  I love to go around and wish all of the audience a Merry Christmas.  The seniors love to talk to the dancers, it brightens up their Christmas.  Have a great time everyone!!

At school we are also getting ready for Christmas.  We are practicing carols for our Christmas Carol sing along and making Christmas decorations. I hope all of you have a happy month and “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”.
Bye for now!
Matt Sabourin

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