Every student must always go back to school shopping for the basics like clothes and supplies. For me it’s a bigger ordeal. I have to move my whole room out and into bags and bins in order to transport everything into my residence room, which is half the size of my normal room since I have a roommate. I have to get everything ready at home because I don’t know the next time I’ll be back and say goodbye to all my friends; but it’s all worth it.

Going back to school is just amazing for me because it means I can dance every day. It means seeing all my friends downtown that are practically my family because we all live together. I absolutely love it. I’m not saying that it’s always very easy to move back, I mean there are lots of adjustments. I have to be more independent
with my parents not being there and get back and focused on my homework and ballet.

At beginning of every school year the class lists are posted for everyday ballet classes as well as after school classes and Saturday classes. I was posted to be with a new teacher I’ve never been with before. Sometimes people are posted with a ballet teacher or different class mated than they wanted but change is always good. As long as you stay positive and keep control of your emotions you’re bound to have an excellent year.

Every year new students are invited into the program. It’s very fun getting to know new friends who you can really teach all about the school and life living downtown. At the beginning of every year you’re basically reviewing all of last year’s materials in ballet and in academics, to get everybody on the same page. All throughout the August holidays I tried to stay on top of my ballet training by doing ballet classes and stretching everyday in my basement. However even though I did this I was still surprised on how much I forgot. The first week we’re basically all of us are sore from ballet, tired from school and missing our families. This is when we really have our friends to help us get through these hard times.

September was a month of excitement with seeing people you haven’t seen in a while and getting back into the jig of things. As fall is coming time is just ticking by so fast. Already a month had past its crazy! I can’t wait to go forward into this school year and really improve.

Happy autumn!


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