There are two opportunities during the school year that your family is able to see you; Parent Days and the Year End show. Parent Days are the first week in December and parents are invited to  come observe your daily ballet class. They only watch two classes which are the last two of the week. We are off academic school for these two days and get to spend time with our parents.

This is an exciting time of year as not only is it Parent Days but it is also my birthday! Most of the students are nervous for parent days. This isn’t because they’re afraid of their parents watching them but because of all the other parents who are also there. I think you just have to think of it like a performance; with critiquing and watching. Just have fun and show your love of dance and people will love to watch you.

One of the two parent days your parents have a meeting with your ballet teacher to talk about their child’s progression and next steps. This can be fairly nerve-racking depending on the news. The school tries to approach new concepts and ideas in a strong way so that the child improves at a fast rate. It may seem harsh but it is merely for the dancers benefits.

Last year when I was in grade eight I was told pretty drastic news; if I didn’t achieve more flexibility that I had no chance for re-acceptance. This was harsh and hard too process. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Now this doesn’t happen to every student every year only if it’s needed. What they did was excellent. After the initial shock I persevered and pulled together the strength to continue and became very intense about stretching. Stretching, stretching, stretching was all that was on my mind.

My mom had a meeting one month later. It was January and I had become extremely flexible. The school was ecstatic with my improvement and very pleased to hear how I took it. The school does not try to upset you instead they show you where you can improve and make you determined to succeed. At first this all seemed like bad news and possibly not a good ending to my year, but as it turns out I’m so happy and grateful for the critique as it pushed me to become better. This was the best birthday wish I could ask for, maybe not at the time, but now for sure.

Bad news can always be turned to good, you just have to look at it with a positive attitude and be ready to work hard. Writing down the positives and negatives helps, as well as crying it out with someone you trust. The break has approached and holidays have begun! But remember to stay on task with your stretching and strengthening so that you don’t loose any of your strength or flexibility when you get back to dance!

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