This month I’m going to tell you about a very exciting event that occurred; the world premiere of Romeo & Juliet by Alexei Ratmansky.

The ballet was three acts long, and full of very exciting and new movements. The National ballet of Canada really took in the roles of the characters. The sets were very simple but well thought out and introduced a new aspect of showing depth and perspective on stage. The costumes were very elaborate in colour and the music amazing. Prokofiev’s score just filled the audience with joy. Ratmansky introduced modern steps in a classical ballet set.

Every time the National Ballet of Canada performs the whole school goes to watch. Starting in grade eight you can dress up in your choice of attire as long as it’s appropriate.  In grade six and seven you have to wear the school uniform so that you represent the school. This year the National Ballet of Canada is also performing; The Nutcracker, La Fille mal Gardée, the sleeping beauty, Chroma & Song of wayfarer & elite syncopations, and the North America premiere of Hamlet. I’m so excited to see all of these exciting ballets!

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Read the 2011 Romeo & Juliet Ballet Notes:

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