Ainsliewear is a beautiful line of Canadian made dancewear by Ainslie Cyopik, a retired professional dancer. Having spent 15 years dancing with companies such as the National Ballet of Canada and Ballet British Columbia, she often found the dancewear available didn't quite fit right or meet the needs of long rehearsal days. Instead of “just making do”, she created a line of dancewear for herself with all the qualities she was looking for. And so Ainsliewear was born brining dancers bodywear that is known for it's exceptional quality and fabulous fits. No detail is forgotten; supple fabrics, beautiful prints, amazing fits you'll find it all in Ainsliewear. But don't take our word for it, hear what our Ambassadors thought when they tried out some of Ainsliewears latest styles, but be warned after reading your going to want your own Ainsliewear Bodysuit!

New Spring Ainsliewear Arrivals!



Rebecca - York Dance
Hi Everyone!! So this time I was testing out one of the newest AinslieWear bodysuits. Before testing out this product I actually had bought other AinslieWear bodysuits and I absolutely love them!! With being taller, sometimes its harder to find good fitting bodysuits, but AinslieWear fits great!! I find the material very comfortable. I wasn’t at anytime really adjusting it or playing with it during dance class. With this particular bodysuit, the straps are spaghetti straps and with the other AinslieWear bodysuit that I own, the straps are thicker. I don’t really mind either of the fits. To me, they both stay nice so that is totally up to your comfortability! As far as washing goes, there were really no problems with it. The bodysuit washed well! In my opinion, everyone should own an AinslieWear bodysuit! I absolutely LOVE them!!


Katie - Northern Lights Dance
I've been wearing the AinslieWear 103PJ Jacquard bodysuit and highly recommend it to any dancer! When I first tried it on I was really happy with the fit - it's comfortable and really pretty. I was excited to test it out in the dance studio. The garment fits well, form-fitting so I didn't have to readjust while dancing and yet the material has wonderful stretch which made it really comfortable in fast-paced classes like jazz. The overall fit was super comfortable. Because the material was so decorative I wondered how it would wear after numerous washings. I washed this garment multiple times and it looks as good as new! I personally love the fit, and the style of this bodysuit is stunning. I felt comfortable and confident while wearing it and thing if you're looking for comfort while still looking fashionable then an AinslieWear Bodysuit is perfect for you!

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