With competition season just around the corner many dancer are checking their shoe bag and realizing it's time for some new shoes! For all you ballerinas there are a few new shoes Gabie's is carrying that we think you might want to consider this upcoming season that will not only feel great on your foot but look amazing on stage. Read about the new Bodywrappers/Angelo Luzio 202 and Capezio's Juliet 2027 and hear what our ambassadors said about them when they tested them out.

Bodywrappers/Angelo Luzio 202 - $39.75

Bodywrappers/Angelo Luzio 202 Sterling split sole leather ballet shoe features a wide assortment of great features, but the most impressive is the arch hugging elasticized centre seam sole. This great feature ensures that when the shoe is put onto the foot it actually stretches and hugs the arch of the foot like a second skin giving the foot a great line. With anatomically curved last for the left and right foot, flattened elongated pleats for better floor sensation and a non-attached stretch jesey lining for beathability we think you'll agree that this shoe not only looks great on but is also comfortable to wear. Don't believe us, take a peak at what our Studio Ambassadors had to say after testing out this shoe.

LOVED IT: Katie from Northern Lights
The product that I tried out was the BodyWrappers (Angelo Luzio) 202 split sole ballet shoe. I really enjoyed this shoe. It is aesthetically pleasing, it has silicone under the two elastics that wrap over your foot so the fit of the shoe is really secure. The flattened and elongated pleats under the shoe made for better floor sensation. I really enjoyed using these shoes. My dance teachers thought highly of them too and now they are the new competitive team ballet shoes at my studio. If you are looking for a ballet shoe I would definitely recommend this product. It is a great shoe and overall a great product for dancers!

Capezio Juliet 2027 - $52.50

Capezio's sheep skin leather, split sole Juliet ballet shoe is a ballerinas dream shoe. Constructed of soft, supple, sheep skin leather this shoe is like butter on the foot hugging each part of the foot perfectly.  The patented diamond gusset creates a seamless, sculpted arch while the moisture absorbent brushed polyester/cotton lining gives better floor feel. The precision trimmed forefoot padding ensures a flat shoe. Once you try this shoe you'll never want to wear anything else! Available and stocked in both the Light Pink and Rose Quartz in both medium and wide widths, black is also available on special order.

LOVED IT: Blaire from The Irish Dance Studio
I was given the Juliet Split Sole Ballet Shoes by Capezio to test.  I was able to wear these shoes right out of the box and found them to be very comfortable.  The shoes do a great job of keeping their shape and are very form fitted.  I also really like the material that they are made of and that they are a split sole as it allowed for me to use my feet better.  The only problem I found was that the colouring wore off of my toes after the first time wearing them. Overall, I would recommend these shoes as they are very comfortable and look really good on and the loss of colour is not noticeable on stage.