Danshuz ProToe is an innovative shoe that offers a revolutionary design for the accomplished dancer. Made of a strong and durable neoprene material ensures a comfortable and glove tight fit paired with stitched binding and dounle stitched outsole padding gives this shoe maximum durability and a much longer life then most other modern/lyrical footwear. The extended big toe coverage with added outsole toe pad allows for effortless turns and more protection where dancers often have the most difficulty. Designed for quick and easy on and off the ProToe features a strap between the fourth and fifth toe to create maximum stability on turns and no movement or slipping of the shoe while it is being worn. This shoe is designed for studio dancing and rehearsals, not for stage use, as the big toe cover can look bulky but offers protection for the hours of practice a dancer puts in. Want to know how this shoe faired with real dancers? Read below to see what our two Studio Ambassador testers thought. 

Carmen - Allegro Dance Academy
The first product that Gabie’s asked me to try out was the Pro Toe by Danshuz. They are a new and improved Footundee. The improvement that Danshuz made was the addition of more coverage on the big toe with an extra pad on the toe as well. This allows for an easier pirouette and less painful toe drags. I found them very comfortable and easy to dance in. The only problem I experienced with them is that sometimes my toes would stick to the floor when doing a pirouette which resulted in some blisters.  Even with this happening, I think they are a great new product and I would have no problem working with them in the future.

Megan - AM Dance Force
When dancing this summer I wore the Neoprene Pro Toe Half Sole dance shoes. I thought that the shoe looked strange on my foot because the big toe piece, covered my whole toe right to the end.  Since these were meant to one day be competition shoes, I think it would be a negative thing to have the shoe look different on each student. Another observation I had regarding the look was that it made my big toe look like it had a band-aid on it.  A good thing about the shoe was that the material was comfortable and the pad covering the whole ball of your foot was very useful when turning.  However, I was unsure of how useful the big toe pad was for me as I danced. I found that the longer I had been wearing the shoes, the more they started to slide a little bit off my foot, thus causing them to fit differently and for the big toe to hang farther off from where it should be. Overall, I wasn't a fan of the shoe and would not recommend it to any fellow students.


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