Keep It In Place

With competition season upon us and costumes coming home there may be accessories or even costumes you need to "keep in place". Well we have a several products that could help. From Sticky Strips to Body Tape and Body Glue affectionatley known as "butt glue" these products can give you peace of mind while on stage. Below we talk about each and see what some of our Studio Ambassadors thought of each of the products.  

Sticky Strips

This versatile, easy-to-use doubled-sided tape strips hold leotards and costumes in place. Helps hide bra straps and keep heels of pointe shoes on. 36 per package

Emma from Extreme Dance Connection 
This product worked fabric to fabric.  It stuck very well to the fabric, even when I was doing flips.  The sticky strip didn’t work well though for fabric to skin.  I couldn’t even walk around without the bodysuit moving off the sticky strips. It didn’t leave any sticky residue on me or the fabric. This product  was easy to use.  It didn’t pull at my skin or irritate my skin.  I couldn’t tell that I even had it on. I tried the sticky strips with my solo costume because it is a body suit and it has no shorts so I don’t want it moving around.

Emily from Imagine Arts
I tested the sticky strips and can tell you that when using the strips fabric to fabric at first they seem fine however they did not last through a night at the studio. Also when I used them to attach my bodysuit to my bra it did not work very well. It only stayed in place as long as I stood tall. As soon as I started to do the warm up exercises I felt it come apart. The fabric to fabric where it was the butt of the bodysuit to my tights worked better but again you need more strips if you go to the bathroom. When I used the strips fabric to skin they worked much better, the fabric stayed in place. I did this with the top of my bodysuit to my shoulder. This stayed in place the entire night of dancing and can be a benefit with certain costumes for sure. There was no sticky residue left on the fabric or my skin. Once the strip was in place and it was easy to do that you cannot feel it. 

Emma from Performing Dance Arts
Overall, I really liked this product and found it useful! It worked great on fabric to skin uses....I used it on bra straps,socks and for keeping high cut booty shorts exactly where I wanted them for the entire time. However, on fabric to fabric uses it sometimes rolled up into a ball and would come unstuck leaving a mark where it had been. This did come off easily in the wash though.The strips were comfortable,easy to use and quick to apply when I was in a hurry. I will definitlely keep some handy during competition time!

Body Tape

Designed for skin to fabric contact, made in Canada with 3M medical grade adhesive this tape is perfect for securing low necklines, keeping bodysuit bottoms or shorts in place, and keeping bra straps in place. 

Dannica from Northern Lights
I’ve been using Fashion Essentials Body Tape for a couple months now and I’ve discovered how many different ways there are to use it. It’s useful both at dance and other events as well. It can be used to keep costumes, bra straps, strapless dresses or bodysuits in place. The dispenser the tape comes in, makes the tape easy to apply. I thought it would be difficult but it was quite easy! The only aspect I didn’t like was that I could always feel it since it’s pretty think so it wasn’t very comfortable; it made my skin feel tight. Although it did its job, I probably wouldn’t use the body tape unless it was necessary. 

I have been using the Body Tape in dance class to hold my body suit in place. It worked great and did not let the straps fall down. We also used it to hold my skirt in place and it worked great for that and stayed in place for a long time. When the tape was attached to my skin, it did hurt a bit when taking it off and did leave a sticky spot on my skin but it came off fairly easily with warm soap and water. The product was very easy to use and worked exactly as I wanted it to. It was comfortable when in use but a bit painful to remove. No one else would know that I was using it as long as I put it on carefully so that it was covered completely by the fabric.  

Gabby from Sandra Amodeo
I found the body tape was very hard to get on, but taking it off was very easy after about 20 minutes it started to come off or as soon as I started sweating it was game over. The body tape left lots of sticky residue which was difficult to get off and left me with a rash. When I had the body tape on I felt like it was pulling on my skin whenever I moved which I found uncomfortable and distracting, but I only noticed that after the first about 10 minutes of use. I tried fabric to fabric and I could not get it to work. Overall it's a ok product for short periods of time use.


"It Stays" Body Glue

It Stays! is a gentle roll-on body adhesive that washes off with water, leaving no sticky residue. The perfect adhesive to keep the bums of bodysuits or the legs of shorts in place. It can also be used to hold wigs, shoulder straps, or socks/knee hights in place, and it adheres to most materials. It Stays! remains flexible, moving with your skin -- no chipping or cracking!

Claudia from Moving Art
The “It stays” body glue is fantastic and is defiantly going to be useful in this upcoming competition season! It certainly kept my costumes in place no matter what kind of movement I was doing. The product worked great on fabric-to-fabric wear as well as fabric to skin wear. This glue left hardly any residue on my skin but the very little stickiness left behind washed off easily with a little bit of water. This glue is super easy to apply and it is perfect if you have a quick change because you just roll it on and go! Its also super comfortable and you can hardly tell it's there when you’re moving around on the dance floor. I have tried all kinds of double-sided body tape but they just don’t seam to do the trick. I defiantly recommend the “It Stays” as your go-to sticky product!

Hayley from Dance Express
The body glue did help the fabric stick to my skin.  Unfortunately the product did leave a sticky residue on my skin that was not easy to get off.  I found that the product did not last that long and had to reapply.  The product was very easy to use, and after the first 10-15 minutes having it on I did not even notice that it was there.  It kept my bodysuit in place during my performance.  The thing I disliked was the smell of the product when first applied. 

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