Bodywrappers Tight Short

Bodywrappers has recently come out with a "Short Tight". This tight, available in Pink, Black and Jazzy Tan is perfect for those dancers that don't like the feel of a full tight but still want some coverage. It would also be a great option for under some costumes where you want the look of bare legs but want some coverage. Featuring a low rise and a comfortable knit waist band these tights can be worn under or on top of bodysuits. We had some of our Studio Ambassador's test them out and here's what they had to say!


Abby - Nicole Jacklin School of Dance
I liked the Bodywrappers short tights I tested. I usually wear Mondor convertibles so the short tights were a big change to my daily dance wear. These short tights come in three colours beige, black and light pink. I chose the light pink colour for my testing because we do a lot of ballet at Nicole Jacklin School of Dance in the summer. These tights are very soft and are comfortable to dance in. They don't run easily either. I have been wearing them most of the summer to dance to test them out and will wear them into my fall dance schedule too. I give these tights 3 out of 4 stars because they are short and I prefer convertibles but they are very handy if I forget a pair of tights!


Rebecca- York Dance
For my first product review I was given the Bodywrappers "Short Tight". I have been able to wear them a few times since I was given them and I have to say that I don't like them and here is why. First off is that they are made from your ballet tight material so they are completely see through. In this picture you can see that they're almost bike shorts but you can't wear them without a bodysuit or shorts because they are see through. That wasn't what I was expecting. Durability wise, they are going to be just like your regular tights so, can rip and will fun and as far as the feel of them goes just imagine your regular microfiber ballet tights cut to your knee. Another thing that I didn't like was their length. They were kind of at the knee length which I found odd because why would you pay for knee length tights when you can take your capri length tights or even your convertible tights and just roll them up. I personally would never wear these. The look is a little odd and I honestly think they are pointless unless you're using them for a costume and that is the look you are going for  I really don't see the purpose. My teachers agreed with me in that we don't see the purpose when you can roll up your regular tights.

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