Capezio Thongz Footundeez

Capezio's latest edition to their Footundeez collection is the Thongz Footundeez. This new edition offers the same 4-way stretch, breathable nylon lycra with gel inserts in the pad of the foot for extra comfort however gives the dancer less bulk by having only two thin straps on the top of the foot. To add some glitz and glam a row of rhinestones has been added to the front strap of the shoe.


Taura Roberts - Studio 48
When I first saw these I was not to sure about them but now I have warn them in and tried them out I LOVE THEM! They are so comfy and they have stayed in tack since I got them. The little diamonds on them make them just so cute and they are perfect for acro and lyrical. The fit is perfect, they don't slip and slide around on the foot.  I would recommend these for all lyrical and acro dances. 


Sarah - Borden Dance
So far I have loved the Capezio Thongz FootUndeez! The gel pads are very comfortable (nothing hurts while landing my jumps), they are lightweight (no bulkiness), and they have held up very well. The one downside is the strap on the bottom, wrapping around the shoe, is a bit scratchy and uncomfortable. Otherwise this shoe is very nice and I am excited to wear these throughout the fall dance season.

Caitlin - A2Y Dance Inc.
I was lucky to have been able to the new Capezio Thonz FootUndeez. I used the shoe for all of my summer Jazz classes and for my week of summer intensive during my jazz classes. Our classes are filled with lots of jumps and lots of turns. The shoes fit well and did not twist or move during the jumps and turns, which surprised me because there is not as much fabric on the top of the foot like there usually is on the original FootUndeez. The Rhinestones all stayed on and makes your foot look very nice. These shoes are good for a dancer who dances recreationally or a competitor dancer that wishes to use them for practise. However for competitive dancers I don't think they would last the entire dance year. The stitching on the bottom pads have started to come apart only after a few months which may be because of the things we do in our class. Our dance teacher prefers to use a jazz boot because they are more durable and have a nicer line while dancing and a nicer cleaner look for the judges during dance competitions. Over all the FootUndeez really surprised me on how well they fit and how cool they looked on your feet, but I was disappointed that the shoes stitching started to come undone. It was a nice opportunity to get to try a new product and to able to show everyone at the studio something new. Thank you Gabie's !

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