Alyse: York Dance
     Overall it has been a very fun and successful dance year. My biggest accomplishment this year was being very successful in all 3 solos that I was given. I did very well in competition and received a special judges award for each of my solos. The most fun event of the season is hard to choose as there were so many. If I had to choose I would say the team sleepover at the studio or the tree top trekking team building event we did. In the tree top trekking, all of the older dancers spent an afternoon in Stouffville learning to do various challenges on the ropes course and zip lining. This was done in October and was a lot of fun. Then later in the early winter, we had a sleepover in the studio with all the dancers from my team (the green team). There were two teachers who stayed with us and we had lots of fun dancing, talking and laughing.
This year I learned how to do Maddy jumps, a special type of aerial. I am also close to getting my round off back hand spring and have improved my overall dancing ability. At York Dance Academy we have a gala to showcase the competitive numbers in February and then in June we have recitals for the recreational dancers with a few competitive numbers in each recital. York Dance Academy is getting so big that this year we had 10 recitals which consisted of 5 different shows each performed 2 times. My groups were in all but 1 of the shows. They are always a lot of fun but also a little bit sad because this is the last time we are performing these numbers. My favourite dance this season was hip hop because it was a lot of fun to perform. We were puppets and there were puppet masters who made us move and perform. It was a very cool concept and we had a lot of fun performing it and the audience always seemed to like it.

Dannica: Northern Lights
     Wow! The season has flown by. I can't believe next year is my last year at Northern Lights Dance Studio after 15 years. This year has been full of memories that really united our studio as not only a team, but a family. My biggest accomplishment this year would have to be learning to dance for myself and not for the judges. By learning to dance for myself I wasn't as nervous going on stage. This was sometimes difficult to do because you never want to disappoint your teachers or your parents and you always want to impress your friends so trying to forget about all of that takes practice. I felt this really helped my dancing though since I dance better when Im relaxed and I also felt my emotion on stage was more genuine because it was coming from my heart.
    The most fun event/activity that my studio did this year was when we had our competition in Niagara Falls. We all stayed in the hotel where the competition was being held which made it so much easier to support one another since the stage was only an elevator ride away from our room! At night, when all of our numbers were done for the day, we went out and explored Clifton Hill! It was a great bonding experience for the whole team. My favourite dance this season was my lyrical group number called "When You Believe". This number was a tribute dedicated to two people very close to our hearts. This number inspired us all to be strong and hopeful. Something I learned this year was that with hard work comes progress. There were many times this year that we had to work very hard for the result we wanted. I learned this when I joined the modern group dance after it was done being choreographed, a month before our first competition because one of the original member got injured. I had to learn the dance to take her spot with very little preparation time but with a little bit of hard work, I learned the whole dance within two weeks!
    Our recital is always one of the most fun and tiring parts of the season! We do our dress rehearsal on the Friday and then two 3-hour shows on the Saturday full of quick changes and energetic numbers! At 10pm when the day is over, the competition team proceeds to the after party where we continue to dance the night away. A great night to rap up the season. On behalf of the students at Northern Lights Dance Studio, I would like to thank Sandra, Shirley, Christine, Christina, Angela, Tara and Molly for everything they do!! We love you all!

Emily: Imagine Arts
The dance season is over and my biggest accomplishment was getting scores of over 90 in all my competitive dances at one competition and getting the 2nd overall for my tap duet at Luv 2 Dance. I also learned new tap steps and went on Pointe! In the end we attended 6 competitions. We had a blast at the Luv 2 Dance at Blue Mountain. It was like summer and we were all able to swim and enjoy the village when we were not dancing. We just had our final party (pool) and BBQ on Saturday it was the best event of the year. We had so much food. Crystal and Anita give out silly awards that go with our personalities. I got Theme Diva for the second year because I always go in costume for our monthly theme weeks. Our recital was just a couple weekends ago. We did 2 shows in one day, we were all exhausted but happy at the end of the evening. Crystal and Anita gave everyone a pin to add to our collection for dancing at the studio. My favourite dances of the year were my tap group my tap duet and Juliannas tap solo.  This is a picture of my tap duet:

Emma: Performing Dance Arts
It's Hard to believe this season is coming to an end in the next few weeks for me. As I have mentioned this has been my 1st year at PDA and what a year it's been! I would have to say my favorite dances this year have been my jazz (Bang Bang) and acro (Carousel). Jazz was so hard hitting and fast and acro was just so fun to perform each and every time. Our year end show is next week, so we are busy getting ready for that and then finishing off that weekend with a big team get together. A time for us to all hang out and relax after working so hard. We competed in Detroit and Buffalo which was a lot of fun and I won a Ballet scholarship to L.A!! This dance year has been a year of intense learning and training, but I have enjoyed every second of it. So many wonderful memories I can't wait to see what next year has in store. Wishing you all a wonderful summer and thanks for following my Gabies Ambassador blog.

"To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger,more beautiful,more powerful"

Gabby: Sandra Amodeo
My biggest accomplishment this season was getting my Ariel consistant. I know I would not have accomplished this if it wasn't for my extremely supportive teachers and friends. I had fun with a lot of things we did this year one of my favourites was probably the Dinner Dance! I learned how important teamwork is and you have to believe in yourself to accomplish your goals. Our recital was extremely fun. We continue to be a big family. Although it was fun I am still extremely sad this has been a great year and we have achieved a lot together. I enjoyed making a birthday card for our very inspiring teacher! Recital will be a memory I will always remember! My favourite dance this season is either my jazz group (Discotheque) or my solo (This is Me). I liked my jazz because I was so much fun to perform and learn and I always felt we were working as a team. I liked my solo because it was also fun to perform and listen to my friends support me and SING very loudly.

Hayley: Dance Express
I would like to start off by thanking Gabies Boutique for the opportunity to be a Studio Ambassador, it was a great experience. My biggest accomplishment this season was at competition when I recieved a judge choice award called Yeah Girl and it was for my emotions and energy in my dance. This years recital was a fun event that had acting, singing and dancing in it. I learned a lot more dance moves this season then any other season. The recital was about Beauty and the Beast and I had so much fun acting and dancing in the play.  My favorite dance was the Jazz dance to the song Vogue by Madonna, we had to act like models and it was jazzy and so much fun.

Hunter: AM Dance Force
My biggest accomplishment this season was excelling well in my solos. The most fun event that my studio did was probably our competitions because we went to places like Ottawa, Niagara Falls, Waterloo and more. At those competitions we faced very good studios such as Vlads Dance Company, and Elite Dance Worxs. I learnt many new moves but, I have known about them just have not attempted them. My recital was really fun, but it went by too fast. And next thing I know dance will be over for the season. I do not have a favourite number because I am in 13 competitive numbers and all of them are my favourite. I could not be able to choose between my numbers this year.

Megan: Stars United
Hey dancers, I hope your season was as exciting as mine! This year has been full of memories, friendships and new experiences for me. I competed at the 2015 World Baton Twirling Championships in Italy back in April. I am proud to come home with a BRONZE MEDAL for Canada. This by far is my biggest accomplishment from not only this season, but throughout my entire career. My Club also placed 5th in the World, as well. Baton and dance have taught me many things this year. I've learnt how to be a better team mate, a better coach, a better choreographer, and most importantly, a better person. I truly believe that baton and dance have shaped me into the person I am today, and I am so thankful. My year end recital was a huge success. Lots of friends and family came out to support my club and we had a fabulous recital. There were happy tears and sad tears, funny moments and proud moments, and lots of twirling and dancing, too. My favorite dance this season was my dance exam that I did for my Arts Program with my partner, Isaac. We did a contemporary style mixed in with miming techniques. It was a lot of fun to play with and our teacher loved it. I want to thank Gabie's Boutique for allowing me to have this amazing opportunity. I have loved every moment of being a studio ambassador and I would do it again and again. Wishing all of my fellow dancers the happiest of summers and good luck next season! :)


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