The Opening Ceremonines for Toronto's PanAm Games were nothing short of extraordinary. If you tuned in you saw Cirque Du Soleil put on a stunning show that showcased the best of Canada which included lots of dance. Some of our local dancers were involved in this great production and they took some time to share their incredible experience's with us. 

Taylor- All That's Dance
Performing at the PanAm Games Opening Ceremonies was not only the best experience but also the best thing I've ever done! When we started to walk I saw all the people watching us and it felt so amazing, I can't explain it. We walked into the aisles where the athletes were sitting and they were video taping and taking selfies with us which was so cool! Then it was time to go on stage my heart was beating, I was so excited and I danced the best I could ever do that dance. I felt like we all performed that dance the best we ever did it. Seeing the acrobats and all the other dancers was such and inspiration! I loved it and wish I could do that night all over again!


Bayley-All That's Dance
I received an email from my dance teacher about info on the auditions so I decided to go. Little did I think that I would make it but after a very long day of learning choreography, my sister, my friend and I all made it through. Out of over 500 dancers who auditioned only 133 made it. Later we began to practice all weekend from early mornings to late nights with little breaks. Everyone often became frustrated and tired but we continued to work hard, because we knew a great performance was on its way. After meeting great friends and going through fun learning experiences, we came towards the big performance infont of the greatest audience we would ever have. When we got onstage everyone could feel the crowd through our feet. It was an amazing experience that everyone enjoyed. I am so pleased to have gotten this opportunity to dance and perform with some inspiring artists for the night of my life. 

Emily- National Ballet School
My experience performing in the Pan Am opening ceremony was unreal. I have never been given an opportunity to dance in such a large venue to such a large audience before. I was a part of the opening ceremony called “Bloom”, which includes Cirque’s strap artists. Ironically I found myself more excited than nervous during the actual performance. I believe this is a result of several things, but most certainly because of the people who I had a chance to work and rehearse with prior to the show. It is these people who made my experience such a delight. The dance component of “Bloom” was a cast of the ballet school students (including myself) and some members of Toronto Dance Theatre (TDT). The dancers from TDT were the first people who we worked with and from the moment we began they were some of the most pleasant people to work with. Christopher House (the “Bloom” dance choreographer) and the TDT dancers all have this crazy drive and understanding of what compelling dance truly is and for this I was continuously impressed. In addition, the fact that everyone from TDT was always willing to help and collaborate really made every moment of rehearsing a positive and fun time. I also got to work with many people from Cirque du Soleil who were behind the scenes in making the show run smoothly. Every single person who I met from Cirque was happy, energetic, focussed, and most of all welcoming—they made the process so enjoyable. I am very inspired physically and mentally after being a part of the Pan Am opening ceremony.


Alyson - York Dance

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