Abby: Nicole Jacklin School of Dance
Hello everyone! It's me Abby and I'm back this month to write about my April blog post. At this time of year in spring there is Easter,which means lots of celebrating and time off. This past Easter Sunday was my birthday. For my birthday and Easter I was lucky enough to be able to go on an awesome vacation in Orlando Florida. On another note,the first weekend of May is our Huntsville competition which means that our dance recital is getting closer and closer. The theme of our recital is about the 90s because it is Nicole Jacklin's 15th anniversary. I hope you enjoyed my April blog post and I look forward to writing about the next month of May mayhem where our studio has our Huntsville competition, our picture day weekend, then our recital and our final competition in Collingwood at the end of May.

Blaire: Irish Dance Studio
This month has been very exciting for the studio.  It began with our stage devision dancers competing in their final three competitions of the year.  This has been a very successful season, as many dancers went home with overalls and special awards.  11 of our Irish dancers competed in the World Irish Dance Championships in London, England towards the end of the month.  Every dancer did their absolute best and represented our studio wonderfully.  Our top finisher was Lindsay McBride who finished fourth in the Ladies 20-21 division.  April has been the most exciting month so far and the rest of the season promises to be filled with many exciting moments.

Caitlyn: A2Y
We are on a well deserved Easter Break at A2Y with no classes for almost a full week.  This break is much appreciated and it will refresh and recharge everyone for the second half of our competition schedule. We competed in Luv 2 Dance in Mississauga a few weeks ago and did very well.  We won the overall studio award in a very close competition against many strong studios.  We won a very big trophy and it was almost as big as Yossi (one of the studio directors). Ha Ha. Next we competed at Star Catchers in Richmond Hill and did very well again.  We won lots of overalls and special awards. There were many strong studios and amazing dancers and it was really fun watching them. We are looking forward to our next competition in Niagara Falls over the May long weekend.  We circle this competition on our calendar every years because it is one of my favourites. There are so many fun things to do in Niagara Falls and it is so great to see so many great studios and their dancers.

Carmen: Allegro Dance Academy
Competition season has flown by so fast. Allegro has been having a fantastic season and are hoping to keep that going at our last competition. My trio this year has been producing some very good marks and the rest of my dances have been even better. We have some really new and interesting numbers this year and they have been getting great comments from the judges. We are coming up to our last competition which is going to be at "Kick it Up", we love this competition and I am glad to be ending there. But I would have to say that my favourite competition this year was "Move", it was our first time there and we had a blast! I even got to meet Shawn Desman! But Allegro doesn't stop after competitions, we still have our recital! We have been practicing those dances for some time now and they are looking very good. On top of that our teacher is preparing us for exams. It takes a lot of work but it is definitely worth it! At Allegro it is none stop and we love every bit of it!

Katie: Northern Lights
Hey it's Katie and I am so proud of my Studio! Our team has had an awesome competitive year in 2014  - Judges Choice Awards, Overalls, Choreography!!  So proud to be part of an Award Winning Studio with a team of girls who will be friends forever. I can't help but look forward to next year knowing I am so lucky to be on a team with such amazingly talented dancers and friends :)
Never stop Dancing!

Laryssa: iDance
Hi everybody, I hope you have had a great start to the competition season and had a happy Easter. Earlier this month iDance competed at Luv 2 Dance Competition in Niagara Falls and it went really well. It was a really fun competition for our whole studio. We got to stay in the hotel that the competition was being held in so it was nice to just be able to go down the stairs to get to the competition. There was also a water park, pool, sauna, and a Starbucks in our hotel that gave us plenty to do once were finished dancing. My favorite night in Niagara was my last night there. Me and two of my friends went down the street to Clifton Hill, and it was so fun. We went to the fudge store and laser tag, we had a great night! At the competition iDance did really well, and we even had twelve of our dances invited to the championships in June. We have another competition this coming weekend in Toronto, so wish us luck. I hope everyone has had a great month and I will write back again at the end of May.

Megan: AM Dance Force
AM Dance Force has had an exciting first two competitions and have had a great time and some amazing wins!  We've competed at Newmarket Dance Festival and Breakthru Dance Challenge in Kitchener.  They were a lot of fun and our dances were well executed resulting in great scores.  A few of my teammates have won scholarships and participated in an interpretative dance challenge.  We met Trevor Tordjman from the Next Step and had the opportunity to watch him dance.  He was very good and inspiring to us as a team.  We are looking forward to more competitions and will be attending Be Dance in Deerhurst next weekend!

Rebecca: York Dance Academy
Happy April! The season has just been whipping by. YDA has been doing very well at competitions with multiple special awards, overall junior group, adjudicators choice, and overall intermediate jazz group! Congrats to all! At UHS the dance company is busily preparing for our final show in May as well as our trip to New York! Im very excited about the trip. We will be taking classes at The Broadway Dance Centre, Alvin Ailey, and Steps on Broadway. We will also be going to see The New York City Ballet performance as well as the Broadway performance ‘Kinky Boots’. I can’t wait to share my experience with everyone, Its going to be so much fun!!
Good luck to all during this busy time of year!

Sarah: Borden Dance
The month of April has been very busy! Since May is the month of dress rehearsal, stage rehearsal, and the recital, we have to get everything done in April, including last minute costume changes, fittings, and finishing/polishing the dances that need to be worked on. One of the things that I was mainly trying to practice throughout this month was our second lyrical group dance. The dance hadn't been finished in the time that it should have been, so everyone in the group is taking extra classes on Wednesdays to get it done, so we could get to just improving our techniques within the dance, and luckily, last week, we completed it successfully! Another thing that I am needing to practice is our first lyrical dance. We had finished this a while ago, but what had happened was there was less dancers being able to perform in the second recital (we always have 2, one on a Saturday, one on a Sunday!), so I had to do a completely different role in the dance to even out the dancers, so I have to memorize new steps, which hopefully my friends can help me with. Well, I hope everyone has had a lovely April, see you all next month!

Taura: Studio 48
Well it's almost recital time, we already had our exams and all the first year girls past with Merit. I am so happy for them. Right now we are cleaning up our dances and they are coming along so nicely, I can't wait for everyone to see them. It is stressful right now with dance, school, acting and singing. The month of MNy is going to be crazy for me as I am in Anne of Green Gables every weekend for the first 3 weekends and then the following weekend I have my dance recital. I am also auditioning for The Next Star, busy busy busy. I'm so nervous for all of this happening and it's coming up so fast. Wish me luck and I'll talk to you next month.


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