Abby: Nicole Jacklin
Hi everyone I am back to tell you about what's been happening with me this month and I have some exciting news to share,  I am getting my first competitive solo in the style of Acro.  I am so excited and also very excited about all the competitive group numbers.   Miss  Nicole, Miss Theresa, Miss Kelsey and Miss Heather will be choreographing our competitive dances this year and we will be competing in 4 competitions.  They will be in Barrie, Collingwood, Niagara Falls and Huntsville.  I'm also happy to announce that all of the Intermediate Foundation Students are starting Pointe at the end of September. As well, the Nicole Jacklin School of Dance will be participating in the CIBC Run for the Cure on October 6th in Alliston.  Nate Wray, one of our fantastic munchkin dancers, is forming a team from our studio to participate in this event and I will be a part of it! See you next month!

Abigail: Elite Dance Corps
Back to school, back to dance! That's what happened this month. For me it was particularly challenging because I started high school and added a new style to my repertoire of dance; tap. I originally intended to just add it to improve my musicality but it turns out that I'm really liking it. I feel like it is pushing me in a way that is a bit unconventional considering I'm a technical dancer. I mean loose ankles? Unheard of!! Im also finding it really easy to pick up so I will be up to the same level as the other dancers in no time ( I hope! ).  Also as I mentioned before I started high school which means homework! Lots and lots of it and it's not fun. It's tough when you dance four nights a week plus a few Saturdays so I'm hoping it will not be too much to handle otherwise I'll have to drop out of some dance classes and that would suck. I mean more homework and less classes? Horrible right? Anyway on the plus side, in high school they are a bit more relaxed on the dress code and you get a locker! I've also had some fun as I went on vacation to Florida for a whole week. We stayed at a resort and went to Lego Land (which was more for my brother), and universal studios. We did a ton of roller coasters and the 3D simulator rides, my favorite was the Harry Potter part! We got butter beer ( so good!) and had lunch at the Three Broomsticks where we had steak and fish! The overall experience was incredible, I wish I could go every year. The only downside is that I missed a whole week of dance and school which meant a weeks worth of homework. At least I have no more trips planned besides competitions for the rest of the year. Speaking of competing, our studio director is haveing a bit of trouble finding good competitions we can go to so I will keep you updated on our progress in that department. I will also let you know whether I survived next week or not  with all the homework. I also did a review on a new ballet shoe so watch for that! I will talk to you guys next month, have fun dancing!

Blaire: Irish Dance Studio
September is one of the most exciting months of the dance season.  It marks the beginning of a new year which means new classes, dances, costumes and experiences.  Everyone was itching to get back in the studio to begin a new season.  The first week of classes came with a new energy as everyone was excited to see who was in their classes and who their teachers were. The new season also allows us to get back to our regular schedule.  Although September also means the beginning of a new school year, nothing compares to being back at dance.

Bridget: Dancebridge
So this month we started back at Dance! I was so excited when I put all my dance clothes on. This year I am doing the same things I have done previous years: Jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical, and pointe. I am competing in all styles except pointe because it is only my 2nd season doing it. I wasn't too sore after my first class because I've been doing a few exercises here and there during the summer but in the morning I was in pain! Thankfully it has gone away but I wasn't prepared for that. We started our Grade four ballet exam and that's been going well, it is a bit hard at first learning them but it is getting easier. I also just auditioned for my schools dance company team and I am awaiting results. We also started our jazz dance and its very sassy! Well that's all for this month.
Yours in dance Bridget

Caitlin: A2Y
This month has been so amazing at our studio. All the classes are amazing. It was so nice to see everyone and getting to know the new members to our A2Y family, learning new techniques and new choreography and starting up Pointe class again. Jarvi is our ballet teacher and she is one of the best ballerina's I have ever seen. When she dances she makes everything look easy. All of us at A2Y work really hard in Ballet and Pointe class, so we can look as good as Jarvi one day. Jarvi is always positive and encouraging to us all during our Pointe and Ballet classes. She always pushes us to be the best students we can. Maybe this year we might get the chance to compete in Pointe for competition .  But we won't find out until the end of October when we receive our exciting invitational letters to let us know what we are invited to compete in.

Carmen: Allegro Dance Academy
My dance season is off to a great start! I have had a few classes and love being back. This year my competitive dances include a ballet line, a large group jazz, two group lyrical numbers, and a lyrical trio – it’s going to be a very busy year for me. I dance Tuesdays and Thursdays this year which gives me a day in between to rest. I like it better that way as opposed to last year when I danced two days in a row. With the exception of my trio and one lyrical dance, I will be dancing all of my numbers with the senior dancers at my studio which really challenges me to do better. It has been great to see all of my dance friends that I don’t get to see in the summer or when I am not dancing. I am excited to find out where our competitions will be held this year. My studio also introduced a new teacher this year. I had a chance to work with her in the summer and she is so nice. We had a blast.  Welcome to Allegro Miss Kelly!  I won’t get to work with her this year but hopefully will be in some of her classes next year.  It’s going to be a great year at ADA and I can’t wait to bring you more news soon.  Keep reading! 

Katie: Northern Lights
"The ballet toe shoe is one of the few instruments of torture to survive intact into our time." (unknown)
Hi again. It's finally that time of year, the start of the dance season! It feels great to get back into the studio and see teachers and friends again. I'm so excited to start choreography for our competitive routines. The biggest news from me this month is that I will be dancing en pointe this year! Ballet is my passion so I cannot wait. Sewing pointe shoes is a bit harder than it looks - after a lesson from my pointe teacher my weekend project is to get my shoes sewn and ready for next week's class. Everybody at my studio is so excited to be back and Northern Lights has an awesome competitive year planned - I am so happy to be part of it! 

Larysa: iDance
It’s September and the dance season has started! iDance is now open every day of the week except Sunday for classes and registration. iDance offers classes for ages 3, all the way to adult with different levels of difficulty. Since the beginning of September dance students have been learning new moves, and tricks that will go into their dances for the recital. This year there will be three shows in May at Country Day School in King City that most recreational students will perform in. There is also one show at the Richmond Hill Center for the Performing Arts. This show is also in May and will mostly be competitive dancers. Hope everyone has had a great start to the dance season! 

Megan: AM Dance Force
September has started off great so far.  Everyone is excited and looking forward to a great year after starting all of our dances.  We are also looking forward to a special event on Saturday, September 28th at 7:30 held at The Toronto Central Grosvenor St. YMCA Centre located at 20 Grosvenor St.  It is the YMCA Rep Your Region contest finals.  Back in August Jesse Murchison-Doggart won the Rep Your Region contest in Markham, and now he is moving on as a finalist representing York Region.  Jesse will be performing his tap solo and tickets can be purchased for ten dollars each with all proceeds going towards the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign if you want to come out and cheer for Jesse or York Region.

Rebecca: York Dance
Hi everyone, September has been very busy and sort of hectic. Lots of new dancers registering at YDA and with the start of our classes everyone is working hard to get the first few weeks off to a good start. We will be having our bring a friend week soon where all our recreational students bring a friend and a toonie to dance class. All the donations will be going to the Hospital for Sick Kids on behalf of YDA. My first week of classes were great! I have all new teachers which is really fun because I’m learning new dance styles and different techniques as I go along. School dance is great too! I have a new teacher and we are already having our first guest artist coming in and we will be working on a contemporary piece which I’m very excited about. At Unionville they have also announced that the dance department is going to be taking a trip to New York in May and we will be having the opportunity to take many workshops and see many shows which I’m so excited about. As more information comes in I will be sure to let you all know about the workshops we will be taking and the shows we will be seeing! Have a great first few dance classes everyone.

Sarah: Borden Dance
The first day of my fall dance season went amazing! Yesterday I was informed that assessments start next Monday and I can't wait and am so excited to see if I can go up on pointe. Also, on Monday, I got to help out the youngest class for the first time and it was fun to experience what I did about 8 years ago. Another good thing is that I pretty much know everyone in my class, which is always good. We have started a bit of our routines, but we usually change some of the moves and the music after Open House towards Christmas. My weekend was pretty amazing too because I took my friend to Gabie's for the first time and she loved it! All in all, my fall session is going great so far and I cannot wait to start on our routines.

Taura: Studio 48
Well another dance season has started and so far it is a good one. Jake, who is going to Denmark with Team Canada, found out he gets a solo at worlds. I am so excited for him, he is so talented. This season I am taking Acro, and Jazz again and trying Musical Theatre. I'm so excited for the new year and looking forward to my solo and duet with Sam. I haven't been able to dance much this month because of some health issues but hopefully I'm all better soon and can get back on the dance floor. Ta ta my lovelies

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