Abby-Nicole Jacklin School of Dance
Hello everyone I’m back to tell you what’s been happening this month like getting some competition costumes! 3 of 6 of my competition costumes have arrived so far and the other 3 will be arriving shortly in time for our first competition on March 29th and 30th in Barrie.   At school I’ve been able to complete my passion project and will be presenting it in early February. We also did speeches this month and I did my mine on Bull Sharks which was a lot of fun. Have you picked your New Year resolution yet? Well if you haven’t picked a resolution and still are thinking of one, here are some ideas: becoming more flexible or trying to go to bed earlier or maybe even trying not to watch as much dance moms. Heading into competition season we need to start being more careful about what we are doing to avoid unnecessary injuries.  Unfortunately over the last weekend of January I strained my lower back during my training and suffered a level 1 tear. I’m taking a week off and just watching all of the choreography classes. I’m hoping I’ll be able to start dance again in about a week once I am reassessed by my pediatrician.  Wish me good health.  I wish you the best of 2014. Take care and stay well.

Blaire-Irish Dance Studio
January has really been about getting back into the swing of things after the Christmas break. Dancers in the stage division are finishing up choreography and cleaning dancing for upcoming competitions beginning in March.  Dancers in the irish division attended the first competition of the season which forecasts for a very promising season.  Preparations are now underway for Celtic Heart, our fundraising show for our World qualifiers being held at Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts on March 22nd.  Celtic Heart will include, not only our world qualifiers but, various musical performances.  January has been a very exciting start to the year and many exciting opportunities are sure to follow!

We have been working very hard learning our choro, cleaning our numbers, trying on costumes and getting all of our items we need for competition. It has been a very busy few weeks but I am so excited for this competition season. We have our A2Y showcase coming up on March 17, 2014 at the Markham theatre , which is my favourite time of year. It is such an amazing opportunity to show our family and friends our amazing dances and beautiful costumes. It's a long day but I wouldn't want to be doing anything else. Our family loves going in person to purchase the show tickets when the ticket office first opens. It is so exciting!  I can't wait to see all of the numbers this year, it is going to be such an amazing year.

Carmen-Allegro Dance Academy
The start of the competition season is getting close and it is looking like a good year for the Allegro Dance Academy team. I have my first trio this year that I am very excited to compete with, as well as some exciting new choreography for our other dances. Our Gala is coming up on February 14th at our local theatre. I am so excited to perform the new numbers on a stage for the first time.  I will be in 5 dances this season.  I think that our teachers have put together some really great dances this year and having the privilege to show them off is exciting.  One drawback to it being winter and so close to Gala and our first competition is that my Mom is very nervous about me getting hurt by skiing, skating, or any other dangerous activity so that makes it hard to have any kind of outdoor fun!  As much as I want to do all of these things I know that she is right and that I have to be careful if I want to keep dancing. I’m looking forward to keeping you updated on how our studio does this year.  Go, Allegro, Go!

Katie-Northern Lights
I hope everyone is really excited with competitions just around the corner! I know I am. We are focussing our time in the studio making sure that our routines are ready to go. My favourite time in the studio each week is the time I spend practising my ballet solo. I absolutely love it and can't wait to perform it! Time to get the Rac N Roll and Caboodle out and start thinking about stocking up on hair pins, elastics, tights and double-sided tape - just a few things you don't want to forget on busy competition weekends!

It is already the end of January, and it seems like the dance season is going by so fast!! With less than a month till our showcase at Newmarket Theater, the whole studio has been working very hard on their routines. Everyone is getting very excited as schedules are coming out for the upcoming competitions, and costumes are starting to be sent home. This year iDance will have 48 numbers competing from ages 6 to 17. The competition that I am most excited for this year is Luv 2 Dance Competition in Niagara Falls. I am most excited for this competition, because we get to stay overnight at a hotel, and they have a huge waterpark. Also it is a 4 day competition, instead of the normal 3 day ones. Overall I am looking forward to the upcoming season, and I wish everyone the best of luck. Hope everyone has had a great January, are I will write back next month.

Megan-AM Dance Force
At AM Dance Force we're gearing up for an exciting new competition season.  Our dances are being finished up and cleaned and our costumes have arrived and been fitted.  I really love all the costumes and can't pick a favourite, and I can't wait to wear them on stage in March! Our first competition is at the Newmarket theatre on the weekend of March 28th. So come and cheer us on!  This year we have some of the best dances and we can't wait to perform them.

Rebecca-York Dance
January has come and gone so quickly. Not much is happening around YDA but at Unionville, my afterschool dance program started to work on new choreography. The dances are student choreographed and you can pick any dance style that you want. My group is dancing to a remix of Michael Jacksons Smooth Criminal and we’re working on a tap number. I’m super excited about it. We have a great set of tappers and we have an awesome time working on the number. It’s a lot of fun!! Check out the link to listen to the music ( it’s a really cool mix and it goes great for tap! Another thing that I’m super excited about is a new Mondor Unitard that I just ordered. Its for skating buts it’s a really beautiful piece and I can’t wait to wear it!! January is exam season so unfortunately, it’s pretty dull in my life right now. Not to many performances or shows are planned for this time of year. I do hope that dance is going well for all of you though! GOOD LUCK ON EXAMS!!! 

Sarah-Borden Dance
The month of January has been a fairly smooth month. For starters, we managed to finish 2 of our dances, one of our group lyrical dances, and one of our hip hop dances. We also found out a bit about what some of our costumes may look like! Like, in our hip hop dance, we will be wearing pink silk pajamas, and in our tap dance we will be dressing up as workers with suitcases to carry throughout the dance! The only thing we know about our jazz dance costume, is that we are wearing fishnet tights over top of our beige ones, just for that extra touch. Also, since we got back from break, we had to do lot of polishing and step changing, so we could improve our skills a bit more. And luckily, on top of that, I managed to complete tons of homework, and the one big oral presentation mark that counts for the majority of my English mark (speeches!). I hope I can get through the next few weeks, remembering dances while taking notes for two big unit tests coming up this week.

Taura-Studio 48
Hey dancers as you all know I've been out of dance for awhile but guess what I'm back in, YAY! I'm so happy, we're working on our dances in full force right now. My jazz dance is about the circus and my acro dance is called the storyteller and we're creepy little dolls. I'm getting excited for end recital too as I have a triple threat number with two of my really close friends Raina and Sam. Sadly my studio does not do competitions yet but I wish all of you that are competing the best. To stay healthy when dancing I have 3 smoothies a day, one in the morning, one when I get home from school and one after dance. I also do a juice fast once every two months for 5 days and it just makes me feel fresh and off to a new start. Right now I'm at dance everyday except Friday so I always bring my laptop and homework and try to get some of it done on my breaks.

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