Abby-Nicole Jacklin
Hello everyone November has been very busy! This month I am excited to be testing out the new Bloch sweater so wait and see what my final thoughts are on this sweater which will be coming soon. Parent watching week was a great success and the parents took lots of photos.  I'm excited about a new project we were just assigned at school. We have to put together a project about our passion in life, what makes us happy.  I will be doing my project on my passion, dance. I will be showing videos, pictures and my blog as part of my project. We can present to our class anytime before May.  I'll let you know how that goes.  Looking forward to Christmas and the New Year.  Our competition dates are getting closer and we all continue to rehearse to be the best we can be! Talk to you next month.

Abigail-Elite Dance Corps
November has now come and pass for us over at Elite, that means one month less of practices before competition.  That also means we are one month closer to competitions!!! The excitement and anxiousness whenever someone brings up the subject is almost palpable.  This year is going to act as a tribute year to our graduating seniors because over half of them are going off to school, not that it’s a bad thing, but at the same time it’s not a great thing to happen to our studio at the same time.  We are going to lose some of our best dancers, and friends.  We are very happy for them but at the same time we are as close as a family and them not being there next year will almost leave a gap in our family that the intermediates will be required to fill.  On a happier note Christmas is only a month away so guess what that means? That’s right! Candy canes, Santa Clause and most importantly parades!  I hope you guys will check out your local parades to see if any studios are performing and if you already got to watch some parades, I hope you watched Bradford’s! All the studios that came out and performed were phenomenal and I’m proud to say I was part of our studio’s performance.  I had so much fun even though it’s a tiring thing to do, it’s a great opportunity to show off your abilities to the rest of the town. I've also been busy as I have started learning the Grade 7 syllabus for the ballet exams in the coming year, so far I’ve learned all but one exercise and now I’m just down to perfecting certain head and arm angles.  I’m getting really nervous about it because it’s my first exam. My teacher says I’m ready for it but I’m starting to second guess myself.  If you guys have any suggestion to help with my nerves, post them as a comment below and I promise I will read them all.  Anyway I hope you all had a good thanksgiving as well and I will talk to you all next month!

Blaire: Irish Dance Studio
November has been an exciting month for the Irish Dance Studio. Our irish dancers competed in the Eastern Canadian Irish Dance Championships.  It was a very successful weekend for the studio and many of our dancers have qualified for the World Irish Dance Championships in April and the North American Irish Dance Championships in July.  Our competitive stage division dancers have begun choreography for this season's numbers and they are looking great!  Our studio also participated in both the Newmarket and Aurora Santa Claus Parades. Our float in the Newmarket parade won best float! The Aurora parade was exciting as it took place in the middle of a heavy snowfall.  November was full of fun for the studio and December promises to be even better!

Bridget: Dancebridge
This month we are starting our dances for our Christmas recital! I have one pointe dance and one ballet dance because we only do ballet in this recital. I don't think we are going in the parade but I will be there watching! Our school dance company is making a calendar to raise money for competition fees, which was super fun doing! Only 5 more months until my favourite season starts, COMP SEASON! 

Caitlyn: A2Y
A2Y is off to an amazing start of the season!  We have finished several of our numbers. It's going to be such an awesome dance year. I can hardly wait for this completion year to start. Everyone is working hard. We finally started our Sunday dance schedule and it is crazy busy but all of the hours we put into it will pay off. It may be busy but it is SOO much fun. We also have had several costume fittings for numbers and it makes it such an exciting time.

Carmen: Allegro Dance Academy
Dance is so much fun! Pointe is going great and I really like it. I like learning new things and challenging myself. Pointe is definitely a challenge but a fun one and I am getting better. In other news, three new students have joined the Allegro family. It’s always fun to meet new dancers and make new friends! Our teachers have shown us some of the costumes we will be wearing. They are beautiful and I can’t wait to see us wearing them. We have been working really hard over the past 3 months and are looking forward to getting a break in December. Even though I will have a break doesn’t mean I stop dancing.

Katie: Northern Lights
Hi everyone! I am having a blast this year at dance. Choreography is so much fun! I just saw my costumes for the first time and I absolutely love them. Are there any new moves that you've been working on? Well for me, I have been working on perfecting my fouette turns. They can be pretty tricky at first but after some practice you get the hang of it. Currently at Northern Lights Dance Studio we are working on choreography for our competitive routines. Competition season is coming - best time of the year and I can't wait! Merry Christmas.

Larysa: iDance
November has been another exciting month at iDance. This month we confirmed the competitions we will be entering for the upcoming season. The first performance we will be doing is at the end of February. It is our yearly showcase. This is kind of like our dress rehearsal. We run all of our dances, and make sure they are perfect before we go to the competitions. The first competition we are doing is in Orillia, and it is called BeDance Competition. After that we are going up to Niagara Falls, to compete in Luv 2 Dance Competition. The last competition we are going to is called Ultimate Dance Competition, and we are doing that one in Toronto. We also have two recital dates. The first one is in King City on Saturday May 10th. This recital is for all of the recreational students, and the younger kids at the studio. The second recital is on Sunday May 11th, and it is for all the competitive numbers, and some of the older age recreational classes. This November iDance also participated in the Newmarket Santa Clause Parade. We had a great turn out, and we had a lot of fun dancing down the street.

Megan: AM Dance Force
After completing the Santa Clause parade at dance, we are getting geared up and ready for the holidays.  Our secret Santa and Christmas sleepover is coming up soon for the competitive students at our studio.  We are so excited to be working on our dances and start our fundraisers for the year.

Rebecca: York Dance Academy
November has been a very quiet month for me. Not much is really going on around school and at YDA. On November 22nd I went to watch Les Ballets Jazz De Montréal at the Markham Theatre and they were amazing! Very talented dancers and I believe they are going on tour soon so if you get a chance to go see them I would definitely recommend it, I enjoyed the show very much! I would also like to remind everyone that the Stouffville Santa Claus Parade is coming up on December 7th. YDA will be in the parade so come out and cheer us on as we walk through the main street! I hope everyone is getting ready for the christmas holidays that are fast approaching! Have a great rest of your month!

Sarah: Borden Dance
This month has been pretty eventful so far! Everyone at our studio is hyped up about our open house (and our Christmas themed dance) Even the little ones have a cute little dance to show to their parents! So far, I really like our jazz dance because the theme is Broadway. It's very fast, but we're still adapting to the song change (we changed our music recently). Outside of dance, I've been still getting used to my new braces, which are not that fun, but they"ll be there for the next 2 years, so I have a while to go. But on the fun side, it's only a week away until I can see my family in Michigan. I'm looking forward to spending my holidays there!

Taura: Studio 48
Hey dancers, Taura here.  Well my Christmas recital at school is coming up for dance and vocal and I'm get really scared that I might forget my dance like I did 3  years ago. We have been working on arials in acro lately and one of our youngest dancers got hers on Tuesday. We also have paremt viewing and exams on December 10 so we are working super hard for that. In jazz and musical theatre we are working on emotions and showing the dance with our expressions. Well till next time tata my lovelies.

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