Abby-Nicole Jacklin
Hey everyone I’m back to tell you about what happened at NJSD in October and what’s coming up in November. One personal accomplishment in October for me was successfully landing my side aerial on a tumble track.  I am still working on landing my side aerial on the ground. Ms. Kelsey said she will add it to my acro solo which will be exciting and challenging at the same time.  As well this month, we formed a new competitive tap trio.  Laura, Victoria and I will be tapping to the song Bom Bom by the band Sam and the Womp. And finally in October we were measured and ordered all of our costumes for our end of season recital and competition costumes, I can hardly wait until they arrive in the new year. Coming up in November from the 18th to the 23rd is parent watching week. Parents are allowed to watch all classes and see how we are all progressing. Our competition teams will continue to rehearse throughout the month of November. See you next month be safe and have fun on Halloween.

Abigail-Elite Dance Corps
October, the time of year when fall turns the leaves red and orange, when nights become colder and most importantly, choreography starts! With competition season just months away the EDC team is well on its way to having award winning dances, but we are not done. In the coming weeks I can look forward to more strength conditioning, more choreography, and spending many hours in the studio. I feel like I forgot something... Oh ya! Its almost Halloween! That means decorations, candy and costumes! Speaking of costumes, I'm trying to find a Pikachu onesie for my costume, but unfortunately I have not been lucky enough to find one. My backup is Alice in Wonderland but I really want to be pikachu. Not because it would be warm (that's just a plus) but because I'm growing up and I thought it would be cool to bring back one of my old childhood memories; Pokemon as a farewell to my childhood. Also Pikachu is awesome! But back to dance, overall nothing too exciting except for one of the students at EDC recently did a music video for an up and coming artist! Unfortunately the video hasn't been released yet but I will let you know so you can check it out!

Blaire: Irish Dance Studio
October has been an exciting month for the studio.  Everyone has gotten used to this year’s new schedule and has figured out how to balance dance with school and other commitments.  For many of our Irish dancers, October is crunch time.  It is the last month before the Eastern Canadian Championships which are held during the second week of November.  Dancers have been competing in local competitions as preparation for this event.   Our stage division dancers have been focusing on technique and perfecting movements before competitive dances are choreographed in November.  Overall, October has been very busy, yet exciting, and I am excited to see what the future months have in store. 

This month of dance has been very exciting! Almost every class has at least 30 seconds of their dance completed, our group has 40 seconds of our jazz and 20 seconds of our tap routines done.  We are starting to add very difficult cherography into our jazz routine that we have never done before. Also our theme for our tap this year is really unique which I love. This month I accomplished a full turn on pointe which I was so proud about. This year starting high school I've been finding it's been a bit of a juggling act between dance and school but now that I'm into the routine I am making it work. I am very excited for an upcoming event, we got a flyer to go dance with the cast members of the TV show "The Next Step"! I can't wait to attended and will let you know how it goes in my next blog!

Well, it's official, we received our long awaited invitational letters to our additional dances!  I am so looking forward to a great season this year. There are so many amazing dances, I can't wait to see what types of music Aly and Yossi have chosen.  We started our choreography for our tap large group and it is such a fun song. We should be starting the rest of our dances over the next few weeks and I can hardly wait!  Aly designs such amazing costumes that go with each dance, they are always so sparkly. We have so many things to look forward to this year, costumes, amazing groups, really cool choreo and the best part learning new styles of dances and competing in them!  Can't wait to cheer for all of our A2Y dancers while they perform their routines, that is the best part of being a part of A2Y loving and supporting everyone as a team and as a family.

Carmen-Allegro Dance Academy
This looks like a good year for ADA. We have learnt our dances and they look great! We are doing some great lifts that are new and look so cool. Our new teacher Kelly has taught some groups and solos which look amazing. I think that she is a great new addition to ADA. Our studio is especially happy for three students that are going to Poland in December. They tried out and got on Team Canada and are going to Poland for an international dance competition. They are all amazing dancers and definitely deserve it. I am so excited for this competition season and I think that it will be great! 

Katie-Northern Lights
This month at Northern Lights we had a very special visitor.  Brian Foley spent an evening with us - what an honour to meet and dance for one of Canada's most renowned dance teachers. We all learned so much and will never forget it. Thank you so much Mr. Foley! I've been busy balancing dance, school and life so I'm on the move every day! I'm loving the music and choreography we're working on for competition this year in all of our groups. It's hard for me to choose a favourite time at dance but the time I spend working on my ballet solo is really special to me. I feel so lucky to be able to spend time every week working on something that is as challenging as it is beautiful and that I am so proud of. With the spookiest night of the year just around the corner I wish everyone a Happy Halloween.

October has been another busy month at iDance. All competitive groups have been working on their dances, and costumes are starting to get picked and ordered. Recreational classes are also working on new moves, and learning combos. This year iDance will be in the Newmarket Santa Clause Parade. Everyone is welcome to come out, and there will be a dance that we will do in the parade too. I hope everyone has had a great October and I look forward to updating you on what’s happening next month.

Megan-AM Dance Force
Right now, AM Dance Force is hard at work on all of our new routines for the season.  We are also starting to get ready for the upcoming Newmarket Santa Clause Parade, so come out and cheer us on as our whole competitive team dances their way down the streets.  We are excited to have our studios Christmas Party for the competitive students later in the season with a Secret Santa gift trade and many more fun activities.  So far, our studio is having lots of fun constructing our new routines for the upcoming seasons and our competition dates and other special events will be coming out soon so stay tuned!

Rebecca-York Dance
I am very excited for this months blog post because I have been up to some exciting things. First things first was an amazing workshop at Unionville High School by Toes for Dance followed by a show called Knees and Toes also by Toes for Dance. The title of the show may throw you off but its actually kind of neat! They symbolize “knees” as New York and “toes” as Toronto as the performance was a collaboration of artists and dancers from New York and Toronto. I enjoyed the combination of the workshop and the performance with them because in the workshop they really teach you about grounding yourself and finishing the movement along with many other things that I could go on and on about but then you get to watch the show and really see how what they taught you transformed into some really amazing pieces. If you ever get a chance to go see them or do a workshop with them I would definitely recommend it! Along with the chat about workshops YDA has a workshop coming up on November 15th with SQx Danza! We are very excited to be having them coming. This workshop is open to anyone so please contact one of our locations for more information to register. Right now YDA also has a 7 week mini session starting the first week of November, and if your interested please contact one of our three locations. The Christmas season is coming up fast and I hope we see everyone come out the the Santa Clause Parades in Newmarket and Stouffville because YDA will be there! I hope all of your dances are coming along nicely as we start to choreograph for the competition season that is quickly approaching. Good luck, and I will “theoretically” see you all next month! 

Sarah-Border Dance
I have been pretty excited this month because, after waiting so long, I got on pointe! I'm very excited to learn more skills on pointe this year. We also started building on our routines at the beginning of the month. My favourite ones so far have to be my jazz and tap dances because they are more challenging this year and I like to be pushed to my limits. It's also been going fairly well this year with the 2-4 year old pre-dance class I help with. Some of the girls hug me after their class which I think is so adorable! Outside of dance, I am counting down the days I get to see my aunt, uncle and cousins in Michigan. I find it absolutely incredible to go there because I see things I haven't seen before, I always seem to find a couple new things every year!

Taura-Studio 48
Hey guys since I last talked to you I got my middle splits, back walk over and more! I can't tell you how much I love dancing. Jake went to Denmark and placed 30th out of 130 people, way to go Jake. He is so amazing at dance it's unfair. As the winter months come racing in I will be dancing at my school Christmas concert. I am excited but  a little nervous because it will be infront of a lot of people. Well that's all for now tata my lovelies 

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