Competition Jewelry: We carry a wide selection of rhinestone jewelry that finishes off any costume and makes dancers look great under the lights. From chokers to earrings, bracelets to hair pins, headbands to tiaras, there is an ample selection of styles.

Lashes: Gives dancers that dramatic eye on stage and we have so many to choose from. From lighter children's lashes to rhinestone adult lashes, coloured lashes to feather lashes, so many choices.

Hair Accessories: From headbands to fascinators, feathers to rhinestones, simply to unique we carry a wide assortment of hair accessories in a rainbow of colours.

Competition Make-Up: This phenomenal line of stage make-up finishes off the perfect competition looks. From your basic browns and smokey eye grays to more creative and funky looks you can do it all with LA Splash.

Undergarments: Feel comfortable both on stage and backstage with our full selection of undergarments. From bra's to bodyliners, full briefs to thongs we have it all and they all come with clear shoulder straps and back straps

Competition Tights: Tights, a necessity of dance. So many choices, so many styles, and we've got them all! We also carry a huge assortment of fishnet tights from basic to blinged out.

Accessories: Is your costuming missing just a little something? Check out our huge assortment of accessories that will finish off your costume.

Hair Pieces: Looking for a funky hair style but don't have enough time to do it? Don't have enough hair? Have a quick change? Hair Pieces are a great tool.