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March 2013

March Break! Yahoo. I have a week off school, but I will be having some extra dance practises heading into Competition season. My team and I are working really hard to get all the little kinks worked out of our dances. The music is playing over and over in my head. I think my favorite dance is the jazz number, but I can’t really make up my mind because I like them all.

We have been working pretty hard and a few of the dancers have had injuries. I have heard that this often happens right before performances and exams. I think it is all the extra stress that dancers put on their bodies when they want to perfect their dances. I pulled my hamstring muscle just before my exam class and it hurt like crazy, but the exam went really well and I wrapped it up for the next couple of days. One of my teachers told me to take a really, really hot bath, the kind where you get all sweaty and your skin is red when you come out. Well, I did it and I really think it helped. My muscle started feeling a little better the next day and then I applied Arnica Cream thanks to Emily’s post! I felt much better by the weekend.

In February I had my ballet exam at BDS. I took the Vaganova, Russian Society of Ballet, Certificate 5 exam and it took almost 1.5 hours. We did bar exercises and some centre exercises and a couple of exercises across the floor. I had to do three exercises on my own because boys have to do some allegro and other jumps that the girls don’t do. My class was split into two for the exam. The younger students, Reese, Lexi and I, did it one day and the older students did it the following day. It is easier for the examiner to study us more closely, if there are fewer students in the exam. It is a little intimidating with so few of us in the class, but I found that because I was focusing so much on all of the different exercises that the time went by very quickly.


I also had my Evaluation Class at the National Ballet School in February. For the evaluation class we had one of the artistic staff from the school come into our class to take notes and evaluate how well we have mastered the skills taught to us throughout the year. Our teacher runs us through all of the exercises. I don’t get my results until the spring, but I hope that I did well!

This past Sunday we had our competition dress rehearsal at the Barrie School of Dance. It was a great day. We started off with an information session for new competitive dancers and then the girls did a hair and make-up session. While the girls were doing their thing, I warmed up and kept Hayden company. Hayden is 7 years old and he is dancing in the competitive novice group this year. There aren’t any separate changing rooms for boys, so we had to be innovative and kind of set up our own turf. “Girl’s Stay Out.”! As a guy in dance, you don’t have very many opportunities to take any control, so Hayden and I had some fun with it.

It was great seeing everyone perform in their costumes. The dances really seemed to come together. We had a team pizza lunch and lots of laughs. There was so much excitement and a little panic here and there about costumes. We guys don’t really sweat the small stuff. A quick shower, brush the hair, whip on the costume and voila, ready! After doing the rehearsal on Sunday, I am getting more and more excited about performances.

We received my official invitation package from NBS for Summer School. I couldn’t wait to read through it all with my Mom. I have a long list of clothing and ballet stuff that I have to get together to bring with me. I also have to bring a bathing suit for our pool conditioning class and some pocket money for some of the activities will be doing on the weekends. Besides dancing every day of the week, we will be going on some fun summer outings on the weekends and doing some cool activities like movie night and talent night in the evenings. I can’t wait for July!

Bye for now!

Matt Sabourin

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Posted 15 March 2013, 12:50PM

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