I hope that your summer was as awesome as mine was! Regardless of how great my summer was, I was very excited to get back to NBS and routine…

This year is filled with all kinds of new “upgrades” from last year. This year we are officially senior students, which means that we get an entire new daily schedule, including more dance training and less academic classes each day. My daily schedule would consist of 3 academic classes in the morning, and at least 3 ballet orientated classes after lunch. I’m so excited to see what this brings. We changed buildings in the residence as well. We now live in the part of residence which was the original foundation of the school when it first opened. It feels much more like home, because it has so much history, and the rooms are much larger.

This year I have the same ballet teacher as last year, which I am SO happy about! I love working with her, and am hoping to have another fantastic year. Even though this has only been the first month, and that we’ve spent the past three weeks getting back into dance fitness, my teacher’s been really pushing us. I hope to see major improvements this year. My academic electives this year are art, music, photography, and world history, as well as the mandatory advanced functions and English classes. I’m very pleased with my courses, and love being able to personalize my schedule, as this is the first year that we’ve really been able to do so.

In September there is the school’s annual picnic. This consists of a day in the park with games, little buddies, food, and dancing. When we first arrive at the park we are assigned to a little buddy, who we’ll be a mentor to for the remainder of the year. My little buddy is in grade seven this year. We are then put into groups that are mixed between grades, and the groups have a mini competition. In this competition we come up with chants and play games. We then eat lunch, and return to the school where there is a grade by grade dance competition. This year we won! Our dance was really well put together, and we put a lot of time rehearsing and choreographing it, so I was quite happy that we won! Although, even if we hadn’t we still had of fun.

Another exciting thing in September was that Anna Polikarpova, principle dancer from the Hamburg Ballet, is joining the Teacher Training program, but with a very unique situation. John Neumeir, the Hamburg Ballet’s artistic director chose NBS for Anna to spend her part time training. She hopes to become a teacher with the Hamburg Ballet School in the fall of 2014. However, while she is here she has been observing many of our classes, and has even been teaching our Saturday classes. It is such an amazing opportunity to have such a successful dancer as a teacher.

I have definitely re-focused. This month has been exceptionally hard, ballet wise, which I am very happy about. I’ve been keeping very busy, as I am also taking part in the Creative Challenge, which is a choreographic exhibition from the last years AI’13. I will be explaining more about my role in the challenge in future blogs.

Thanks for reading!

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