My name is Dannica Matta. I’m in grade 11 at Aurora High School. I have been dancing at Northern Lights Dance Studio since I was three, when they first opened in 2001. I started dancing competitively at the age of six and will continue to do so until post-secondary. In the past, I have done many different styles of dance, including ballet, jazz, modern, tap, lyrical, pointe and character.  I have had duet/solos in my favourite styles, ballet and lyrical. In grade 6, I took a year off dancing competitively to dance in the associates program at The National Ballet School of Canada. It was such an amazing experience, I learned a lot and improved my technique tremendously but I missed my studio and competing.

How many hours a week do you dance and how do you juggle dance with school and life outside of dance?

I dance about 8 hours a week but on top of that I have a job as a cashier and am quite involved within my school community. It can be a struggle to balance everything while still keeping my grades up, leading to some sleepless nights but in my eyes, it’s all worth it in order to do the things I love.

Who is favourite dancer?

I would have to say my favourite dancer is Emily, my best friend. I met Emily at dance when I was four years old. It’s an honour to say I grew up dancing with her. When she was in grade six, she auditioned for the National Ballet School of Canada’s full time program and being the amazing dancer she is, she was accepted for the following year and is currently completing her graduating year. She works so hard every day and night to be the best dancer she can be while still making time for friends and family. She has already travelled to Australia and Germany to train and hopes to continue on to a post secondary dance program in the following year. I’m so proud of Em and I wish her the best in all she does!

Why do you love dance?

I think everyone loves to dance, even if they aren’t very good at it. Who doesn’t love to jump around in their kitchen when no one else is home? I believe dance is a both a sport and an art. It’s that feeling of being free and feeling like you can do anything. It’s that feeling of letting go and giving it your all as if nothing else matters. I could go to dance after having the worst day and come home feeling great. It’s a great way to get exercise while still having fun and being creative.

What has been your favourite dance moment so far?

When my studio relocated to a newer, bigger and better studio space, we introduced the new NLDS in the Aurora Street Fair. We had a booth and small stage where some of us were asked to do our solos! That whole day I walked up and down Young Street in my table top tutu. It was so fun and was such an interesting experience dancing in front of the crowd, on a rubber floor on the street! It made us super excited to move into the new location where we knew the studios were double the size of our old ones.

What is your favourite thing to do outside of dance?

I’m on Student Council, Athletic Council, Empowering Students club and Students for Global issues club. I also love being on the Track and Field team.


Northern Lights Dance Studio

 5 Vata Court Units 1 & 2 Aurora

Northern Lights Dance Studio is excited to be celebrating its 14th season in our new, 5,800-square-foot facility!
Founded in 2001 under the artistic direction of sisters, Christine and Shirley, our highly skilled teaching staff has several decades of dance experience, either as dancers ourselves or as teachers.  We stick by our teaching philosophy of creating a fun and enthusiastic atmosphere while building the foundational skills of dancing from the beginning.  That is why our instructors, and studio directors, teach across all levels and ages.  As your dancer grows, we maintain the same fun environment but add more technique and challenge in their dancing.  With this approach, we have been able to develop award winning competitive teams who commit only 4-6 hours to dancing each week.  

NLDS is committed to the basic principles of “A Nurturing Environment,” “A Commitment to Technique” and “A Balanced Approach” for busy families.  Most of our students come through recommendations from previous and continuing students, a testament to the studio’s excellent instruction and ability to produce great results.

We offer a variety of dance genres to explore; ballet, jazz, tap, acrobatics, lyrical, musical theatre, modern and hip hop.  NLDS is an ADAPT certified dance studio – Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers – which follows a specific syllabus to help develop and train dancers.  ADAPT dance teachers are “leaders in quality dance training.  They teach the love of dance and movement not only to the elite student, but to the recreational dancer as well.”

Northern Lights Dance Studio offers three large studios with viewing windows, a large change room, a playroom for young siblings, a homework station, a kitchen and Wi-Fi access.  To find out more, please visit us at, stop by the studio at 5 Vata Court, Units 1 & 2, Aurora or give us a call at 905-713-0555!

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