Gabie's is the first store in Canada to have So Danca's new revolutionary Pointe Shoe, the Elektra. This is the first truly customizable Pointe Shoe to hit the market featuring moldable and interchangeable shanks. With a no break in design this takes stress off of your body by being immediately able to roll through demi-pointe and relieving pressure from your Achilles. It also makes this shoe a 2-in-1 shoe for those requring a demi pointe shoe you can simply take out the shanks of your shoes and you are ready to dance. Interchangeable shanks allow you to control the support for each foot and each performance. Have one foot that is stronger? No problem. You can have one shoe that has a flex shank and one that has a hard. Do you prefer a harder shank for class but softer for performance? You can do that! Simply slide out your hard class shanks and insert your softer performance shank.  Pair this with an almost seamless Pointe Shoe and you'll have beautiful lines all without having to go through the grueling break-in period. Eliminating seams, bindings and casings provide the cleanest and sleekest lines to your pointe work.  But don't take our word for it, book an appointment to be one of the first in Canada to try this incredible shoe. 


Pointe Fittings At Gabie's 

Pointe Shoe fittings are very specialized and require extra attention. A trained fitter must perform the fitting and works with the dancer one-on-one to ensure the best and proper fit. A first pair of Pointe Shoes can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and are done by appointment only. If you have had Pointe Shoes previously we do still suggest calling ahead to make an appointment to ensure that we are able to accomdiate the day and time you will be coming. Dancers who have had Pointe Shoes previously should always bring their old Pointe Shoes as well as anything they wear inside (toe pads, spacers, bunion guards) to ensure that their new shoes fit with the these items.

To book an appointment please call us at 905-830-1420  


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