Here at Gabie's we have a whole range of Jazz Shoes to choose from. So how to choose? Well each style fits different foot types and has slightly different features which may make one style more comfortable or a better fit for a dancer. Below we review the styles we carry and have some of our Ambassadors test them out to see what they think.

Bloch S0473 Phantom Canvas

The Bloch Phantom is a stretch canvas shoe that reflects contours of the foot, enhancing the arch of the foot for a beautiful line to the foot. The combination of black suede and rubber outsole allows for spin without slipping. The revolutionary moldable suede front sole for feel-the floor action allows spins when turning up but breaks when flat while the forefoot design provides excellent slide and controlled grip. Although the stretch canvas does allow for a snugger, cleaner fit, canvas is not as durable as a leather shoe so the life of this shoe is less then that of it's leather counterparts.

So Danca JZ-43 Leather with Neoprene Insert

The So Danca JZ-43 is a pre-arched, split sole, slip on, low cut boot with stretch Neoprene insert under the arch. With a soft leather upper this shoe molds nicely to the foot and the neoprene ensures a tight, smooth arch under the foot with no bulking. A contoured heel keeps the heel snug which can be a problem in lower cut boots. We stock this shoe in both black and caramel and carry N, M and W widths in-stock to ensure a great fit for all foot types. 

Reviewed by Claudia from Moving Art
I was so excited to be asked to try the So Danca JZ-43 jazz shoes.  I have never worn these type of jazz shoes before and in fact, over the past few years, I have preferred not wearing jazz shoes but rather foot undies of some sort as I have typically found jazz shoes to be slippery and rather hot on the feet! These So Danca jazz shoes fit me very well.  They were true to their sizing.  I found that they moulded to my feet well within the first hour of wearing them.  They have a nice hugging feel, as the neoprene wraps your foot and it supports my arches well.  I didn’t even feel the need to really break them in as they were comfortable right away.  When I look down at my feet, or up at them during a high kick, I like the look of them.  I feel like I can get a good toe point too.  What I liked most about them is that they were not slippery like some other jazz shoes that I have tried and they did not make my feet sweat like others types have.  There wasn’t anything that I can really say that I didn’t like about them.  In fact, I am planning on wearing these on a regular basis and ditching my old pair!

Reviewed by Megan from Stars United Baton
Baton twirlers only wear one shoe when it comes to competition -- and that's the very typical Jazz shoe! The shoe I was given to review was the So Dance JZ-43. Within the first two hours of wearing these shoes, they instantly moulded into the shape of my foot and were extremely comfortable. They also grew more and more comfortable to wear as the days went by. These shoes help to extenuate your toe point and turn out, as well, which is why I really enjoy wearing them. The only minor concern with these shoes is that the grip on the bottom of the shoe is very hard to break in. If you're a dancer and you perform various amounts of turns, these shoes may cause you trouble. Although very comfortable and beautiful, they will be difficult to work with in terms of spins and brushing. Overall, the So Dance JZ-43 is a great product that I would highly recommend. Very impressed regardless!

Bloch S0495 Leather with Neoprene

The Bloch S0495 is a low profile, leather shoe with a neoprene insert. This shoe comes only in a regular width and is best suited for narrower feet. The neoprene insert is a loser weave so is not as tight through the arch of the foot. It is availabe in both black and tan.

Reviewed by Hunter from AM Dance Force
The Bloch SO495 Jazz Shoe was comfortable, but after a while of wearing the shoes, the heels in them started to hurt. The fit in them was good because there is enough room in them to grow and I know they will stretch with my growth. It took about a couple of weeks for them to mold nicely to my feet. When dancing in the shoes they felt comfortable. The shoe made the arch of my foot look nice and the shoe didn’t look baggy or too tight. I liked how the shoes make it easier for me to turn in them because of the grip on the ball of the shoe. I don’t like how the shoes mark up, and wear down very easily. I would definitely wear them on a regular basis.

So Danca JZ-40 Leather with Side Elastics

The So Danca JZ-40 is a leather boot with elastic side inserts. On this style the leather wraps around the full arch of the foot and is a true ankle boot, a higher cut.  This shoe is a great option for those wider or broader feet and is available in both black and caramel.

Reviewed by Alyse from York Dance
These dance shoes were comfortable from the minute I put them on. They fit my foot very well. I think it molded to my foot quite quickly but the heel part of the shoe still feels a bit weird. The upper part of the shoes was fine to dance in but I found the heel to be a little clunky and it made a sound when I stepped on them. It may just be a matter of wearing them more to make that part feel more comfortable. I think it makes the line of my foot look very good. It makes the arch of my foot look really big and nice when in reality I do not have much of an arch. This is the thing I like most about the shoe, that it shows my arch off. The thing I like least about the shoes is the heel. I would definitely wear them on a regular basis even though the heel still feels a little awkward. I think once I start wearing them more in dance class, it will feel better.

Reviewed by Emma from Extreme Dance Connection
The So Danca Jazz Shoe is a very comfortable shoe. It is not tight around my ankles and that is what I liked most about it. I found that they molded to my feet and they were very comfortable both when I turned and when I jumped. I found that they molded to my feet well and it took around 2 class to adjust to my feet.  I will definitely wear them to my jazz classes.

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