The world of split sole ballet shoes is wide and vast with many options! So why go with a split sole ballet shoe? And how do you pick one that's right for you? Do you choose Leather or Canvas? With so many options we decided to break it down for you and have some of our Ambassadors test them out and see what they thought. So let's start with one of the questions we get asked the most...

What's the differenace between full sole and split sole ballet shoes?

Full Sole: For many young dancers a full sole shoe is recommended and preferred as it provides more resistance to the foot therefore building the strength and muscles through the feet and legs. This will help the dancer achieve  stronger technique and muscle memory that is required for more advanced barre and centre work as well as Pointe work.
Split Sole:  This style is designed for the more advanced dancer. It allows the dancer to easily point the foot and show off the arch. It also provides a cleaner line for competition or advanced examinations, and because the student has a strong foundation, it will not hinder the strength and technique of the dancer.

So should I choose Canvas or Leather?

Leather: A leather shoe will have a longer life then a canvas shoe becuase of it's durability. It is a heavier and stronger material. A leather shoe will stretch and mold to a dancers foot as they wear it. A leather shoe will typically also give the dancer more traction on wood floors.
Canvas: Many dancers prefer a canvas shoe because of its light weight and therefore tends to be more comfortable, however for dancers who are doing long hours in their shoes the canvas will burn through much quicker therefore causing the dancer to replace their shoes more often. Canvas shoes are great for Marley floors as leather shoes tend to stick.  

So now that you know a little more about split sole ballet shoes it will make it easier to determine what style you will prefer. Because there are many different foot types, widths and shapes we carry several different styles of split sole ballet shoes to accomidate all types of feet.

So Danca SD-11 Canvas Split Sole 

The So Danca canvas split sole shoe advanced cut makes the shoe adhere perfectly to the arch. The drawstring is sewn down at the heel to protect the Achilles tendon and has slightly cushioned pads. They feature a knit cotton lining, crossed elastics sewn only at one end to allow variable lengths. Other end to be sewn by customer.

Review by Gabby from Sandra Amodeo
The So Danca SD-11 Ballet Shoe is amazing. It is not the most comfortable at first but after being worked in it is very comfortable. They do stretch and mold which I like.They take about 5 classes to break in so around 5 hours. At first I felt kind of weird in them but it is very easy to get used to. I like how they look on my feet, when your feet  are pointed they look very pretty. The best part about these shoes is how they look when you are dancing they are very classical and when you are putting them on your feet slip right in at least when you are wearing tights. The thing I liked the least about these shoes is how long they take to work in. If I had the choice I would wear these in class.

So Danca BA-11 Leather Split Sole with Neoprene Insert

The So Danca BA-11 leather split sole shoe features a stretch Nylon Spandex insert. It's made with a top quality leather, cotton lining, and pre-sewn crossed elastics. 

Review by Hayley from Dance Express Art
These ballet shoes were not very comfortable, they were hard to get on and off. The shoes took a long time to stretch, but as I was dancing they seem to not feel so bad. The straps were to tight and my foot wasn't a full line. I really did not like the shoe because we had to sew the straps ourselves. Even though the shoes were fitted to my feet they were to tight on my foot. I would not wear these dance shoes on a regular basis.

Angelo Luzio/Bodywrappers 202 Leather Split Sole with Elastic

This soft glove leather shoe's biggest feature is its arch hugging elasticized center seam sole. It also features gripper elastic in the inside heel, sude leather heel and an anatomically curved last for left & right foot for a beautiful fit to the foot. With flattened, elongated pleats for better floor sensation and a non-attached stretch jersey lining for breath ability this shoe is designed for both a beautiful aesthetic look and function ability.

Review By Dannica from Northern Lights
I’ve been wearing the Bodywrappers/Angelo Luzio 202A Split Sole Ballet shoe and I love it! It’s the best and most comfortable ballet shoe I’ve ever worn. The way it stretches and moulds to your foot really helps define your pointed feet and lets you properly press your toes into the ground when rolling through your feet or doing turns. Also, they were quite easy to break in, taking only a class or two, so I could dance to my full potential without the delay of having to break in my shoes first. It was really great that this shoe has elastics running through the soles of the foot because you get that extra stretch and don’t have to feel like your shoes are holding you back. Another aspect of this shoe that I like is the two elastics that cross over your foot to hold it in place. This is something I usually look for in a shoe because the extra support reassures me that my shoe will stay on my foot at all times while I’m dancing and that rolling my ankle while dancing is a lot less likely. Lastly, the ballet shoe is leather, therefore making is easy to clean. Everything about this shoe is great, even the colour is a perfect shade of pink, so my studio Nothern Lights Dance studio decided to make it the official ballet shoe for our competitive team. Overall, it’s a great product!

Angelo Luzio/Bodywrappers 246 Stretch Canvas

This was the first Stretch Canvas ballet shoe on the market and has been selling strong since it's inseption. With an antibacterial and wicking canvas this shoe features a high protective, secure front vamp, foam cushion lining, a spongy cotton heel insole and a stain resistant canvas. It has an anatomically curved last for left and right feet for a better fit and line to the foot and has an antimicrobial moisture wicking stretch canvas.

Review by Emily from Imagine Arts
I was given the new canvas ballet shoes with the straps already sewn in to try out. My first impression was I have these shoes already. When I showed them to Miss Anita she said they look the same however the straps were already sewn in. All the dance moms were very happy to see the straps already sewn in. When I first put them on they felt the same as my normal canvas shoes. Then I danced in them without tights and they hurt my feet. The next time and every time after that I had to have tights on in order to wear them comfortable. I also feel that they do not have the same grip on the floor and they are more slippery.

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